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Leveraging Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data Design for Culturally Responsive Storytelling with Pivot Data Design

  • 20 Aug 2020
  • 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM



Today, data is everywhere. As evaluators, we often have access to massive amounts of data like client demographics, access, and survey responses. Extracting useful takeaway messages and next steps can be challenging. Traditionally, data is communicated using dry reports, stuck in boring tables and charts. Reporting qualitative data succinctly proves to be additionally challenging. We have the power and opportunity to transform data reporting into deliverables that engage our clients, funders, and community partners. Harnessing the power of our data by using effective storytelling and visualization techniques gives evaluators and program staff the potential to better communicate need, inequality, and program effectiveness. In Jennifer's continued commitment to grow awareness and take responsibility for responsible data reporting, she will discuss ways to equitably represent data stories. Culturally responsive data visualization can be a powerful tool for social change. Attendees will learn a few ways to enhance their ability to communicate qualitative and mixed-method data more effectively. Jennifer will showcase ways that color, arrangement, graphics, and text can help you tell your data story.

Presenter: Pivot Data Design (Jenny Nulty)


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