MAE Timeline




  • 20th Annual Conference (Radisson Lansing) - "Looking Back, Seeing Forward" -Past Presidents Panel- Concurrent Workshops and Panel Discussions
  • 150 attendees
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation Award: Michigan Fitness Foundation
  • MAE Service Award- Jane Powers, Public Sector Consultants



  • 19th Annual Conference (Radisson Lansing) – “The Evaluator’s Toolbox” – Concurrent Workshop Format
  • 140 attendees
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation Award: Western Michigan University– The Evaluation Center
  • MAE Service Award: Nancy McCrohan
  • Preconference Workshop: “Statistics Refresher”


  • 18th Annual Conference (Radisson Lansing) – “Managing, Meeting, and Exceeding Expectations” – Panel and Think Tank Format
  • Highest attendance in conference history
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation: Matt Wojeck, Project Director for Impact, Ingham County System of Care, Lansing, MI
  • MAE Service Award: Denise Hartsough


  • 17th Annual Conference (Radisson Lansing) - Panel and Think Tank Format
  • Secretariat internalized to Board of Directors
  • Students from four universities attended
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation: Andrea Cole, President Flinn Foundation
  • MAE Service Award: Meg Blinkiewicz


  • 16th Annual Conference (Radisson Lansing) - Panel and Think Tank Format
  • Brian Dates elected president
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation: Community Evaluation and Research Collaborative, MSU
  • MAE Service Award: Jane Morgan


  • 15th Annual Conference (Radisson Lansing) – Panel and Think Tank Format initiated
  • MAE Secretariat moved to Western Michigan University
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation: Melanie Hwalek
  • MAE Service Award: Neva Nahan


  • 14th Annual Conference (Radisson Lansing) – James Sanders, keynote speaker
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation: John Van Camp
  • MAE Service Award: Victoria Straub, SPEC Associates & Jane Morgan, JFM Consulting Group


  • 13th Annual Conference (Radisson Lansing)
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation: Chris Coryn, WMU
  • MAE Service Award: Suzanne Miel-Uken


  • 12th annual conference (Radisson Lansing) - Rodney Hopson, keynote speaker
  • Meg Blinkiewicz elected president
  • MAE secretariat moves to Public Sector Consultants
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation Award: Sam Singh, Michigan Nonprofit Association
  • MAE Service Award: Nancy Hewat, Public Policy Associates


  • 11th annual conference (Radisson Lansing) - Abraham Wandersman, keynote speaker
  • First conference at which an organization required attendance: Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) required funded sites to send two representatives each
  • Completed Engaging Minority Evaluators Project (EMEP) grant with W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation Award: John Ziraldo, Lighthouse of Oakland County
  • MAE Service Award: Jeffrey Padden, Public Policy Associates


  • 10th annual conference (Radisson Lansing) - David Fetterman, keynote speaker; Rosalie Torres, pre-session presenter
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation Award: C. Patrick Babcock
  • MAE Service Award: Sandra Herman


  • 9th annual conference (Radisson Lansing) - Kent McGuire, keynote speaker; Dawn Hanson Smart, pre-session presenter
  • MAE Website redesigned
  • MAE receives $10,000 W.K. Kellogg Grant to increase the number of evaluators of color in Michigan
  • Organizational memberships introduced
  • Online registration for annual conference initiated
  • John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation Award: Carol Mowbray, University of Michigan
  • MAE Service Award: Nanette Keiser and Cynthia Cameron


  • 8th annual conference ( Lansing Center ), in conjunction with the Grantmakers/Grantseekers conference, with the Council of Michigan Foundations and Michigan Nonprofit Association
  • Neva Nahan elected president
  • Friend of Evaluation Award: Betty Tableman, Michigan State University
  • MAE Service Award: Michigan Public Health Institute
  • Friend of Evaluation Award renamed John A. Seeley Friend of Evaluation Award


  • 7th annual conference(Radisson Lansing) - Lea Sechrest, keynote speaker; Hallie Preskill, pre-session presenter
  • Diversity initiative developed through the Leadership Committee
  • Survey of membership conducted
  • Bylaws and articles revised
  • Filed and received 501(c)(3) designation
  • Friend of Evaluation Award: Robert Collier
  • First MAE service awards: Mark Lelle, Debbie Jackson, Cheryl Endres, and John Seeley


  • 6th annual conference (Sheraton Lansing)
  • First grant for capacity-building - $30,000 from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • For the 501(c)(3) process, finalized purposes and received approval from the membership for revised bylaws
  • First year-long calendar for professional development published - each region had two sessions
  • Friend of Evaluation Award: Ricardo Millet of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation


  • 5th annual conference ( Kellogg Center ) - Lisabeth Schoor, keynote speaker
  • First website produced
  • Developed and sold evaluation promotion presentation, "Demystifying Evaluation: A PowerPoint Presentation”
  • Conducted first mail election
  • Affiliation with the American Evaluation Association finalized
  • Second annual Friend of Evaluation Award: James Sanders, Western Michigan University


  • 4th annual conference ( Kellogg Center ), sponsored by the Skillman Foundation - Carol Weiss, keynote speaker and pre-session speaker
  • Task force addresses open governance issues and proposes a mail ballot for board members; board and membership adopt process
  • Discussion of application for 501(c)(3) status begins
  • First paid secretariat
  • Membership reaches about 120 individuals
  • Bylaws revised to change term limits and the election process
  • MAE incorporated in the state of Michigan ; obtains federal employer identification number
  • New logo created
  • First Friend of Evaluation Award: Leonard Smith, retiring president, Skillman Foundation


  • 3rd annual conference, provided through funding by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation - Michael Quinn Patton, keynote speaker and pre-session presenter
  • Jeff Padden, Public Policy Associates, elected second president
  • Members approve a name change from Michigan Association of Evaluators to Michigan Association for Evaluation
  • MAE secretariat moves to Wayne State University (WSU)
  • Regular newsletter publication begins
  • First professional development meeting held
  • Membership surveyed about areas of interest/expertise for the database
  • MAE website development begins


  • 2nd annual conference - Huey Chen, keynote speaker
  • MAE secretariat is housed at MSU for six months and at Formative Evaluation Research Associates (FERA) for six months; MAE begins to negotiate with WSU to be the organization’s secretariat


  • 1st conference held in May - David Fetterman (via an Internet connection), keynote speaker; more than 100 people attend
  • Organization is formally established (as the Michigan Association of Evaluators) with bylaws and board members, at the conference business meeting
  • John Seeley, Formative Evaluation Research Associates (FERMA), elected first president
  • Secretariat: MSU’s Outreach program
  • Board holds first planning retreat; guiding values, charges for committees are established; calendar for 1996–1997 is set
  • First MAE newsletter is created


  • A core group continues to meet 2–3 times annually
  • A mission and bylaws are drafted
  • The need for an event to launch the organization is discussed; a spring 1996 conference is sketched out
  • Obtaining organizational supporters and sponsors is discussed; requests for foundation funding are delayed until the organization has proved itself


  • Informal meetings take place to explore what a Michigan association for evaluation organization would look like

  • Agenda usually includes discussion of the organization’s purpose; lunch; and one evaluator presenting some current work
  • Meetings are held 2–3 times this year and include much discussion of purpose and structure
  • A needs assessment of evaluators in Michigan who were members of the American Evaluation Association is conducted; results demonstrate a need for a statewide/local organization


  • The Skillman Foundation calls a meeting to address issues and concerns about evaluation

  • All local evaluators are invited to attend
  • Evaluators enjoy the meeting and the ability to talk with each other (which had not previously occurred locally); they talk about continuing the dialogue

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