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In May, The Michigan Association for Evaluation postponed our 25th annual conference in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We greatly understand the energy that's been altered given the cancellation of our traditional face-to-face conference, however we have been working collaboratively with presenters to assure you're provided with a valuable opportunity.

We are excited to announce the MAE Virtual Conference Series, Elevate How We Evaluate. This virtual series consists of six standalone 45-60 minute professional development sessions running from July through September. The sessions cover a wide range of evaluation topics from equitable approaches to evaluation, to assessing the fidelity of implementation, to data visualization. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate how you evaluate! 

NOTE: We encourage non-members to please consider paying the $10 registration fee, if they are able. MAE incurs significant operating costs each year and the annual in-person conference, which we had to cancel, is an important source of revenue.

Registration information included below:

Upcoming events

    • 22 Jun 2023
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Using evaluation to build a more equitable future requires evaluation approaches, and evaluator mindsets, that attend to issues of power at the individual, interpersonal and structural levels. This session will present an interactive tool that summarizes key tenets of seven such approaches and mindsets and will provide a demonstration on how to use the tool, including how to filter for different approaches and/or key principles. Presenters will guide the audience through the tool to help them find the information that is most relevant to them and determine which approach might be most appropriate for the goals and values of a given project.

    Support for equity-focused evaluation is increasing, and this tool is intended to help the field become more familiar with approaches to equity-focused evaluations, including culturally competent evaluation; culturally responsive evaluation; culturally responsive indigenous evaluation; equitable evaluation; culturally responsive and equitable evaluation; transformative evaluation and equitable evaluation. The tool is an interactive matrix that provides a definition of each philosophy or approach, describes its history, identifies unique contributions and includes references to seminal publications.

    By attending this demonstration, new and established funders may increase their understanding of the resources required for different approaches and create demand for equity-focused evaluations. Evaluators may be able to draw ideas for framing, methods and dissemination to create stronger proposals and develop more equitable and inclusive evaluation designs that will contribute to social change. Practitioners may build considerations for equitable evaluation into their programs up front and solicit evaluation partners that match their values and goals. 


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